If you are a purpose-driven coach or service provider who wants to stand out as a leader and make a bigger impact in the world...this is for you!


So...I hear you wanna make a difference in the world...you want to use your gifts and passions to reach more people, earn an income, and make an impact..  

Perfect!! People, money, and impact are some of my favorite things too!!  

I love seeing people happy and living their dream life! I love using money to create experiences in my life and help make a difference in other people’s lives. And I LOVE making an impact!! I want my ripple effect going strong long after I’m gone! 




    You have a business you love, you work with clients who light you up, and things are going ok...but maybe you’re ready for the next level. You know something has to change because:  

    - new leads and clients aren’t as consistent as you’d like
    - sales calls and enrolling clients isn’t as fun as it should be
    - it’s time to create one-to-many programs to grow your business
    - time freedom is non-existent and you want to enjoy more of your life
    - you are working so hard and still feel like you’re not standing out
    - you want your programs/packages to align with your message and ideal client  


    Simply put, it’s time to level-UP your business, stand out, and make a bigger impact!  


    Why settle for good enough when you can burst through that glass ceiling reaching more people and earning more money! When more good people have money, more good things happen!! Let’s change the world!!  

    Look, I like to keep things simple, fun, and authentic. Impact Inner Circle is exactly that!! A journey of 10 women going from okay to OH WOW!! This group experience will light each of us up, inspire new creative ideas, and help all of us make a bigger impact in 2018!  

    I want to see you stand out AUTHENTICALLY! I want you to have ALIGNMENT in your message and programs! And I want you to have SO MUCH FUN in your business and life!  

    Being in the event planning world for over 14 years, I learned my passion was seeing someone’s big vision and helping them bring it life! I saw thousands of entrepreneurs with big visions...the problem was, hardly any of them were making progress. They kept getting stuck, showing up at the next event, and even buying another course or program hoping to get the breakthrough they were looking for.  

    That’s not how it works!! I believe that we all have the ability to create our own success, whatever it looks like for us. And I believe our breakthroughs come when we get out of our way and take inspired action.  

    Impact Inner Circle will be the place for this to happen. 10 powerful women entrepreneurs coming together on a mission to change the world, getting customized coaching, feedback, and accountability so they can take that next step they need. And it’ll all be wrapped up with LOVE!!  


    So what about your big vision?
    Are you ready to join a group program and level UP your business?

    In 8 weeks, my goal is for you to create a marketing plan and strategy for 2018, feel confident and ready to accept all the new clients you will attract, and increase the income and impact your business is making!


      It’s time for you to stand out, make a difference, and feel amazing about your business! 

      Join Impact Inner Circle and learn how to: 

      - stand out in a busy online world
      - be known as the leader in your industry
      - use your journey to inspire your ideal clients and fully support them
      - communicate exactly how you help clients so they know to work with you
      - nail your message, packages, and offers so they sell themselves
      - use social media to attract ideal clients easily
      - get super confident on sales calls
      - know how to see opportunities and go for them
      - create a business that is sustainable with a clear path going forward 


      Sounds good and you wanna know more????  


      Here’s what we’ll cover on the journey:  

      :: Vision Without Limits: We’ll set goals and intentions that actually matter to you! The Annual Marketing Vision will help you see the year at a glance so you can picture how your launches will go, which programs you’ll offer, and when everything is happening. We dream big here in Lisa’s World...because I know sooo much is possible!  

      :: Fear Crusher Formula: Fears are gonna come up. Worry, anxiousness, and second-guesses. It’s ok, my friend. I’ll work with you on how to eliminate fears from driving you and instead how to use them for your benefit in moving forward every day! 

      :: Magical Message and Offers: We all need a little magic in our message and offers. I want you to show off your skills girl!! And crafting a meaningful message that leads to your perfect offer definitely creates some magic! 

      :: Visibility Booster: Because who doesn’t want more visibility for their business? People have to know who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best for them. You will learn how to build relationships that easily turn into clients. And you’ll learn fast and easy ways to boost your visibility in as little as 15 minutes a day!  

      :: Launch with Lisa: Sounds fun right? I’m ready to help you fully map out your launch strategy for that new group program, membership site, or private coaching program. You will know what to say, when to say it, and how to invite people to join without feeling like a sleazy sales person. An easy launch strategy with marketing and content built in - yes please! 

      :: Celebrations: It’s always time for cake, right!!??! We will celebrate our wins on the regular because motivation is important!! Ready to party with me???


      I believe in YOU.
      I believe we all have a purpose in the world and our passions and talents are meant to make a difference.


      And I believe when powerful women come together to build their dreams and legacies...IMPACT happens!!!


      The "HECK YES" Investment:

      I’m ready for the next level and I hope you are too! When I work with clients, I know I’m serving at my highest level and giving amazing value...but I’m also learning from them. So I know this group will change my life for the better!  

      I knew I wanted to make this an easy yes...because I knew I wanted to make a difference!  

      The investment is $1200 in two payments of $600. 

      And if you’re are go-getter, you can pay in full and it’s only $1000. 

      Easy, right?!?!  

      When we work together, we are going to create or improve your programs so that you EASILY get your investment back fast...probably before the first month is over!  

      ***And as a bonus, I’m offering 2 private strategy calls to really get you started right! We start January 22nd, so these 2 calls will put you and your business in the right mindset and starting place to take off even stronger in 2018!!!


      About your host...

      Hey girl, I'm Lisa! I have been in the entrepreneurial world since I graduated from high school, three days after graduation to be exact! I have been an event planner for over 14 years, and the last 10 of those years have been specifically for coaches and online business owners (just like you!). 

      Four years ago, I started coaching women who were getting started in their own online business. I helped them create a strong foundation with business basics and gave them a jump start in growing their business successfully. 

      Now I work with visionaries, leaders, and women entreprenuers who want to do things differently! I know how to take your big vision and make it a reality, boost your visibility authentically, and grow your business so you make a bigger impact in the world!


      Lisa Benavidez
      Business Coach + Visibility Strategist