Why Visibility is a MUST For Your Business Success

When you start a business, there’s always one main goal - TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Visibility helps you grow your business because of three things:

1. Makes you the expert

2. Builds your credibility

3. Helps you make an impact

The way to actually accomplish these 3 things is HOW you show up for your ideal clients. Whether you are using email, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or something else...you gotta show up for them.

Consistency. This is important too - BUT only if you're being strategic and creating value. Don't just throw crap out there to "be consistent". Find your own groove, and be there for your peeps.

Content is majorly important. What are you saying, how are you saying it, and why are you saying it? Your content is the key to attracting the right people to you. And trust me ATTRACTING people vs. FINDING people is much better :)

There are 5 things I want you to make sure your content has or does...

1. It must spark emotion.

2. It must be relatable.

3. It must tell a story.

4. It must be in alignment with your values.

5. It must give value.

Easier said than done, yes? Ok, let's dive a little deeper..

How to spark emotion - First think about how you want your reader or viewer to feel. Then ask yourself if what you're saying will create that feeling for them. You want them to make a connection between what you're sharing and what you want them to do next.

How to be relatable - A good business owner - a good leader - will always be real and authentic. This means you share the stories of how you got to where you are. Show your audience you get them, you've been where they are now, and that you have a proven system that can get them to where they want to go next.

How to tell stories - Storytelling is the secret ingredient to awesome content AND sales. You can share your own story, your journey on how you got started, or why you got started. You can share client wins and results. You can share other people's stories and create the connection as to why you're re-telling it. Make it intriguing.

How to be in alignment - Do you know your core values? Do you have values for your business? Being in alignment with your values and what you stand for is huge in how you show up for your community. It's important not to listen to what everyone else says and share similar info. Sometimes you have to take a stand and go against the "norm".

How to give value - Give. Give. Give. I cannot stress enough how important it is to not hold back on your best stuff. I promise you will still get clients. Share exactly why they need what you offer. Give a few basic steps on "how to". While I encourage you to give lots of value, I personally love to give in bite-size pieces. Meaning, you share something specific in a simple way and give an action step to take.

Getting more visible in your business will definitely help you grow your income and impact. Let me know if these tips help you with your visibility plan. xo

Lisa BenavidezComment