Why I Started a Podcast

Why are you here on earth? What's your mission? What's your purpose? What is your impact?

I created the Nice Girl CEO podcast is because I want women to feel more confident. I want their confidence to shine. I want you to feel bold about why you're here.

I also want to create a community of powerful women who are ready to go for it. You want support, accountability and love from like-minded women who are on the same journey, who want to make an impact in the world, who want to live on purpose.

So, this for the woman who knows they're meant for more. For the woman that knows she was put here in this world, at this time, with these people for a certain purpose and she wants to find and live that purpose.

I created this for you. I created it for my daughters. I created it for women of the future.

If this is giving you butterflies...then you’re in the right place! It’s time to develop your legacy leadership.

Legacy leadership is about how you're living your life and being a leader in your community, your world, whoever it is that can be impacted by you. How are you leading your life? How are you leading in general? Legacy leadership also means that you're making an impact now, today, with the people that you meet, but you're also leaving this legacy that will remain here for generations to come.

It's like the ripple effect, right? This kind of ripple effect is never ending.

I want you to plant your feet here and I want people in a hundred years to know your name and know why you're so amazing. Or even if they don't know your name, I want something that you do today to affect one person to make a difference in their life. And then they're going to go forward and make a difference in someone else's life. It’s going to create this burst of happiness and love and all the good things in the world.

I do not mean to exclude men, though. So if you're a man and want to listen to the podcast, get inspired and do good then please do so and hang out with us, okay? It's really for anyone who wants to feel confident and more bold so that they can make an impact in the world.

I talk a lot about business to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, who want to gain more visibility, reach more people and make a bigger impact. If you have an online business or even a small business -- kind of brick and mortar style products, service, whatever it is -- I welcome you. I'm an entrepreneur as well and I will be talking a lot about how to grow your business especially with visibility and how that all ties in with confidence in making a bigger impact.

The Nice Girl CEO Podcast is for the nice girls who want to shine and bust the myth that the nice girl finishes last. That is far, far, far from the truth. Nice girls don't finish last. Nice girls finish strong. And nice girls bring others up with them.

In this world, we always see the negativity. We see the ugly. We see the things that don't make sense. We see the things that just really suck.

I've been a nice girl my whole life and I've heard that I'm too nice. Somebody gave me a book one time called Nice Girls Don't Get Rich. The title itself made me go, “What the heck!” That is not true. Don't tell me that I can't be nice and still be wealthy. I believe that being true to who you are is success.

And I feel that there's so many girls and women out in the world that are seeing things that don't make sense - like the aggressiveness, the competitiveness...

Ladies, we are a community. We need to lift each other up and stand strong together. Everyone rises, not just one. So we all are in this together. And that's who the nice girl is. It's the one who wants to make an impact AND help other people succeed as well.

So, welcome to all you women, a few men, all the entrepreneurs and all the nice girls of the world. THIS IS FOR YOU.

Here's what you can expect from the Nice Girl CEO Podcast...

You will get a new episode every Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week because I feel it represents a week of celebrating what we accomplished, a week of celebrating new things that happened, the good things that happened and all the opportunities that we were presented and jumped on.

I will be sharing visibility strategies, mindset shifts and tips to boost your confidence. That's going to be a huge thing because I feel like that's a strong foundation for being able to show up in the world. Whether you own a business or are a mom or you have a job or you're involved in your community, wherever you show up I want you to feel confident and authentic to present yourself the way that you want to be seen, the way that shows other people that you’re a leader and that you're here to make a difference.

One thing that I'm really good at is seeing things from a different perspective. For instance, I can see a bad situation, a struggle, something that doesn't seem like it's going to work out and I can envision what it could look like or what it might look like if you switch your perspective. And I'm able to help you take those visions and shift them so that life seen in a different light, and it’s beautiful. I am a very positive and happy person and it's not something that everybody can easily be like and I get that. However with these tips and tricks on how to shift your minds the way that you think about things, I know that you can actually see a bit more of what life could be like and then you'll find out that you'll start living a happier, more fulfilling life.

I've been in the online business space for over ten years, since 2008, and I've been an entrepreneur for over fifteen years. I actually started working three days after my high school graduation so I've been around and I know what it's like. I've seen the trends, I've seen the changes in the industry. I've worked with hundreds probably thousands of entrepreneurs all over who are living their purpose and sometimes they’re stuck. So visibility is a huge part. If people don't know who you are and how you can help then they're not going to come to you for help. They're not going to work with you, they're not going to use your products. So, let’s learn how to get more visible to reach ideal customers, clients and audiences so that you can grow your income and your impact.

We'll also be talking about sales. I'll be bringing in guest speakers sometimes to talk to about different aspects of business or life or inspiration -- a lot of motivation here.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I'm all about the impact --  the legacy leadership that we're going to leave. And this podcast will be full of happiness and goodness.

I've said a few things about who I am. But I just want to share a little bit more.

I live in southern California with my husband and we have three daughters. Yep, I'm a mom of three and we have such a fun life.

I have been able to work from home with my girls so I'm very involved in their lives, their activities. I get to pick them up, be a part of their activities and have flexibility. I actually always wanted to be a mom. If you ask me what I wanted to be when I was little, I might have said ‘teacher’ a couple of times. In high school I said event planner. But truly what mattered to me was becoming a mom. I love babies, I love kids and I've always been very nurturing in general even with my friends so being a mom is the biggest blessing and miracle and I feel so grateful that I am a mom, that I have three daughters.

I'm also an event planner and business strategist. I have been an event planner since 2003 and I started three days after my high school graduation. It was amazing. I am so grateful that I was able to jump into that opportunity and because of that we eventually started planning events for online entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants and that world opened my eyes to so much more. It helped me to start my own business and I just love it. I love the freedom. I think that's the biggest thing -- the freedom that it creates for so many people that matters to me.

Creating a business that supports the lifestyle you want is really important to me and I feel like that's the definition of success. It doesn't look the same for everyone so don't think that success means that you move to an exotic country and you get to live this fun life and eat out all the time or that you're just traveling every other week with your family and going to fabulous places. Or maybe like this digital nomad lifestyle that you see as success. Whatever it is for you that is what success is.

To me, as an example, I am a mom of three so I am home most of the time, taking care of my family. I clean my house and do laundry and I have that normal life. But we also travel. We also get to experience the world. I get to show my girls lots of cool things and through entrepreneurship and the freedom I feel like it opens a lot of conversations. I get to show my girls and teach them ways to think about life-- how to grow up in this new world. It's a lot different than it was back in my day. My oldest is in junior high so we have all that fun stuff going on but that's just the lifestyle that I love. And my business helps support it. So, to me that equals success. So just know that you get to define success for yourself.

I am also a cheerleader literally and not literally. I cheered in sixth grade all the way through my senior year of high school and then I coached for a few years. But in general I'm just a cheerleader for people. I believe in people. I believe in goodness. I believe in encouraging people and empowering them to feel confident in what they do. So I will always cheer you on and I'll be the one that says yes you did a great job.

As a coach I'm also the one saying now let's see what we can do better -- that's also the mom in me. We are always looking to grow, always looking to improve. And so the cheerleader in me and the coach in me are a very fun and nice complementary duo.

Overall, I really am just a nice girl who is stepping into the best version of herself every day and living my best life. I'm inviting you to come with me and do the same because, again, I want all of us to rise together. I feel like when each of us is being the best version of ourselves the world is going to be a better place to live -- that's an ultimate goal of mine as well.

I wanna tell you a story now that will tie into this whole idea of visibility and confidence.

When I was a little girl I remember seeing a commercial for a new car. It was for the red Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. It was gorgeous. I wanted that car and as a young girl -- I was probably in elementary school -- it was flashy and head turning. I mean, a red convertible!

And then as I got older and was actually looking for a car or dreaming about about a car that I would get, I totally change my mind. I wanted a white car -- very basic, blending in. I didn't want the flashiness anymore. And it's funny that now as an adult I kind of see the whole visibility and confidence thing.

As a young girl, the sky was the limit. Nothing held me back from wanting things that I actually wanted. I think that if we all look back to our childhood we're gonna see who we used to be before the world told us who we should be -- or maybe a boss or a parent or a sibling or a mean kid at school, whoever it was that kind of started stomping on our dreams. We were confident and we knew what we wanted and we didn't feel ashamed, guilty, weird or anything negative towards wanting these things.

But it's funny because when I was older, I didn't want to stand out. I just wanted a “normal” car.

When I actually went to go get my first car something happened: So, my mom took me to go check out some cars. I didn't really think we're gonna leave with one. However, I had been working for almost a year, I saved all my money and this was going to be my first car.

There were two Mustangs-- one orange and one yellow.  That was far away from anything I wanted. I did not want a flashy car. I did not want a bright color. But my mom always wanted a sports car and a convertible -- her and my dad never got one.

That feeling of making a difference in her life even though it was my car triggered something inside of me and I ended up test driving the yellow -- actually my mom test drove the yellow Mustang. I could see how happy she was in it and the light that sparked inside of her because of it.

I ended up going for it and bought it. I was driving around town in a yellow Mustang. Talk about “Hello everyone, look at me!” But I ended up falling in love with it. It was my baby for a little while until I had my first daughter. Again, even though it wasn't my mom's car it just kind of felt good to me that I was bringing her a piece of her own happiness. And bringing back that feeling I had as a young girl of wanting a flashy car!

I don't know if this is even making sense. I just wanted to share this story because what's really cool is that I stepped into something that seems crazy and I ended up loving it.

And I feel like with visibility it's the same thing. You step into it, you feel uncomfortable that people are going to see you and notice you. But the more you do it and the more comfortable you get with it the better it is and you end up falling in love with it. And the reason is because you're going to see how it's also impacting people around you. And that is the beautiful thing that visibility provides.

So, I get it. I get that it gets scary and I get that the nerves come up but one thing that we're going to talk about on this podcast is how to feel more comfortable doing it and specific tips on how you can get started in different areas.

If this sparked anything inside of you, I invite you to head over to the podcast, subscribe, and dive in! I look forward to having you in the community!

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