Turn Your Fans into Clients

Way too many people are focused on the wrong thing - numbers. While the amount of followers you have is important, there’s a twist. You must have an engaged audience! It’s better to have 2000 engaged, interactive, and raving fans...than 8000 people who clicked follow at some point, for some reason and don’t even know (or care) who the heck you are anyway. Not good.

What is good is having people who listen to you and eventually want to work with you! So how do you do this?

Showing up online can be overwhelming. I know!! I used to feel the same way and most of my clients come to me feeling stressed out too. Until I help them get focused and create a plan!

My goal is to make is easy for you! I want you to make an impact and not get stressed about it!

Here are 3 steps to easily, organically, and AUTHENTICALLY turn your fans into clients using social media!!


  1. CLARITY! Sometimes amazing entrepreneurs have a hard time getting their message across and explaining how they help people because they’re still lacking clarity or they aren’t focused on a specific thing. Getting crystal clear on who you help and how and learning how to express it will make all the difference! Clarity will bring clients

  2. COMMUNITY! You have to build the know, like and trust factor. Engagement is key. Start building a community that engages on your posts and wants to know what you’re up to. This takes your time, energy, and love! I only work with women entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact. It’s not a numbers game, it’s a world-changing game! Community will bring clients!

  3. CUSTOMER JOURNEY! Do you know how you take your potential clients from point a to point b to point c? Having a customer journey (or funnel) is important. I love creating this marketing strategy with my clients. Look at what you want to offer in 3 months. Your “launch” starts now! Every blog post, social media share, video, freebie, etc. all lead up to this offer. But the journey starts now and continues to build. The customer journey will bring clients!


CLARITY, COMMUNITY, and a CUSTOMER JOURNEY - these 3 essential pieces must be in place if you want those fans to become clients.

If you want to make a bigger impact, I encourage you to take time to get clear on your message and what you offer, build a community that feels safe and loved by you, and have a clear path for your potential customers to follow you on.

Lisa BenavidezComment