Create Better Content for Social Media

You know those people who post on social media and get all the comments and followers and you make sure to keep up with their posts and read everything about them? How would you like to be that person?

Content marketing is crucial if you want to use social media to grow your business and find new clients. In this post, I'm going to share what you need to make your social media content a "must read" and the three types of content you should be posting.

First up - teaching content. You are the expert and in order to have ideal clients find you, you have to show up and teach them the goods. Share the how to's and why it matters and what happens without it...If you can teach your audience through small, easy, actionable posts on social media, they will keep coming back to read more.

Second type is inspiration content. This is where storytelling comes in handy. You want to share before and after transformations you've had and that your clients have had because of working with you. Results are impactful. Share with your audience how you've helped others. This will inspire people who want those same results to see that it's possible. And you want to make sure they understand YOU are the bridge. You are the one that can take them from where they are to where they want to go.

The third type is relatable content. Here's where you show the real you. What are your quirks, what makes you real, how will your followers feel connected to you? Share these things regularly and have real, raw conversations on social media. Your audience wants to feel like you get them. And as you know, I'm a huge fan of legacy leadership. Leaders don't put themselves on a pedestal and remain untouchable. We get down and dirty and hang out in our communities. We make people feel comfortable, safe, and loved. Showing the real you is the best way to connect with your peeps.

With a mix of these three content types in your social media posts, you will be admired and trusted. Your community will begin to grow. Now, you'll want to bridge the gap and turn these trusted fans into clients, right? Part of your content has to share your offers. That's right babe, time to sell! And sales are not sleazy when you show up to serve. Offering a solution is definitely a part of being in service to others. So don't be shy.

Not every post will have an offer. But there are ways to introduce your products and services without saying "BUY MY STUFF!". Here are a couple examples...

Teaching Content - Teach a step of your process. Give a specific action to take. And mention that you go through the whole process in your 1:1 program.

Inspiration Content - Highlight a client who hired you for website design. You'll share how she went from a DIY website with broken links to a high converting site that brings a new client every week.

Relatable Content - Share your journey. How you did it the hard way and are so thankful you learned how to make life and business easier with three steps.

These are a few examples. People will pay attention to this, even if they don't ask about it right away. But the more you keep sharing, you'll start to see more people reach out and ask about these programs and services you offer.

And, making clear and straight out offers should definitely be a part of your visibility plan. You have to show up to teach, inspire, relate and invite your followers to work with you. With a solid visibility plan, it makes it easy for your followers to say yes because they already know, like and trust you.

A visibility plan is really important for your business. This will help you know what to share and when so it's not overwhelming or last minute. You can set it up with the different kind of content and know exactly when you are going to sell something too. Hope this helps you create better content for your social media.

Lisa Benavidez1 Comment