3 Ways to Increase Your Income this Month

It’s December. One month left in 2017. What would it feel like to bring in more income this month?

We all know there are hundreds of money making ideas for entrepreneurs. And you probably have at least a couple great income streams now.

I want to push you a little further and increase your income this month. You can do it and it will be amazing!

Here are 3 ideas you could easily do now to increase your income before 2017 comes to an end.


  1. Raise your rates and get 1 new client

  2. Pre-sell new program at a killer price

  3. Offer a limited number of strategy sessions


So let’s talk about a little strategy for each idea and you choose the one that you like best!

Raise your rates - did I already scare you? If you haven’t raised your rates in a while (or ever!), it might be time. If you’re continuing to work with clients, learning new things, taking courses, investing in coaching and other programs...you deserve to pay yourself for it. You’re bring more and more value to your clients. And with higher rates, what would one new client do for your income this month? Another $2K? $5K? $10K?? If you only focused on one new client, you can totally find one!

Pre-sell a new group program or course! I love this idea because you can take what you already know, what you’re already an expert at, and create a new way to package it! For example, if you’re a coach you can take your private coaching process and create 8 steps for a group coaching program. Or if you’re a VA or graphic designer, you can create a 6 module course to sell and teach others how to do what you do or DIY something your services provide. Come up with a cool title, outline the program or course, write out the amazing benefits and results it will provide and pre-sell it!! Let your audience know you have a special holiday price for everyone who says YES and you’ll get started in January. Then you have a few weeks to work on the content...with that extra cash!

Offering a set amount of strategy sessions for $100-$250 is a great way to get more profit AND show off your skills! I love strategy sessions. A 60-90 minute pow-wow to work on a very specific plan for your client. It gives them direction, focus, and confidence to move forward with something they need. If you did 5 a week that’s at least an extra $1500 this month working only 3 weeks. Also, this gives them a good taste of what it’s like to work with you...they may just come back for more!

So I’ve given you 3 ways to increase your income this month. What are YOU gonna do about it? I would love to know in the comments below!

Happy Holidays and Cheers to more money this month!!

Lisa BenavidezComment