3 Core Content Pieces Your Business Needs

Content planning can be a major headache sometimes!! I wanna share the 3 core content pieces I think your business needs to build relationships and make an impact!

1. Transformational stories - How did you get from point a to point b? What changed? Then and now type stories that connect to where your ideal client is now and where they want to go.

2. Take a stand - What do you stand for? What do you stand against? Why? Don't be afraid to make people uncomfortable, it inspires action.

3. Leave a legacy - What do you want to be known for? How will you make the world a better place? Think about what ripple effect you wanna see going because you took a first step.

Have these content pieces in place. They connect you to your ideal client and build the know, like and trust factor. Share from your heart, get a little vulnerable, and genuinely be of service! 

Lisa BenavidezComment